The Minimalist NBA Project Part 1: Atlantic Division

The Minimalist NBA Project by TSMP is here and we will give the logos of all 30 NBA teams a simple makeover. Every Sunday we’ll publish a post, each containing the minimalist logos of one of the NBA’s six divisions: Atlantic, Southeast, Central, Northwest, Southwest, and Pacific.

First up is the Eastern Conference’s Atlantic Division.

This Division features two of basketball’s most iconic franchises, the New York Knicks and the Boston Celtics, and they are the only two teams that have been in the NBA since its first season in 1946. They’re joined by another team with a rich history, the Philadelphia 76ers, alongside the only Canadian team in the league, the Toronto Raptors. The division is completed by the Brooklyn Nets, who were formed in 2012 after moving across the Hudson River from New Jersey.

So here it is, The Minimalist NBA Project Part 1: Atlantic Division.


Boston Celtics

17 represents the number of NBA championships they have; an NBA record.


Brooklyn Nets

The shield design is a nod to their current logo.


New York Knicks

Rarely are the Knicks referred to as the Knickerbockers, their official name.


 Philadelphia 76ers

The circle and stars design is a reflection of their current and past logos.


 Toronto Raptors

The red and white are two of their existing team colours in tribute to Canada.


The Atlantic Division

The Minimalist NBA Project Part 1: Atlantic Division

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